Actions for the Week

First, let’s look at how your voices made a difference last week. 

Monday, Feb. 27

All day. Call SENATORS and HOUSE REPS and ask them to request Donald Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury Department. Donald Trump is the only president in our modern history not to release his tax returns. The American people deserve to know whether the president is following the law like the rest of us. Congress empowered itself in 1924 to obtain tax returns from executive branch employees, including the President. It has been used before, including to obtain Richard Nixon’s tax returns. Additional scripts are here.

All day. TX-21 (Lamar Smith’s Constituents): Tomorrow morning the House Judiciary Committee votes on a resolution (H. Res 111) requiring Attorney General Jeff Sessions to release documents related to corruption by Trump or his cronies, including ties to foreign governments. Lamar Smith is on this committee, please call and ask him to a) co-sponsor the bill, and b) vote FOR it.

All day. Call SENATORS and ask them to Vote No on the confirmation of Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary (vote is tonight):

Hello, I’m calling to ask my senator to vote NO on the nomination of Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. I am concerned about Mr. Ross’ record of predatory business tactics which favor the corporation over the worker and his financial and political conflicts of interests. Mr. Ross has a long history of favoring the bottom line over that of the common man in many industries, from coal to banking. Thank you for your time.

More on Wilbur Ross

Tuesday, Feb. 28

All day. Call SENATORS and ask them to vote No on Rick Perry as Energy Secretary. Sample Script:

Hi my name is ____, I am a constituent of Sen. [Cornyn or Cruz] and I am calling to urge you to vote “NO” on the confirmation of Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy. Gov. Perry has no scientific or professional background that qualifies him to serve in this role. His fundamental misunderstanding that the DOE is responsible for securing our nation’s nuclear arsenal makes him wholly unqualified for this role. Furthermore, he is on the record as a climate change skeptic, and I believe he is unlikely to continue the DOE’s cultivation of safe, renewable energy sources. I hope you will demand a higher qualification for this important position than political loyalty to the President-Elect. Thank you.

Courtesy of TX-10 Indivisible

8 p.m. Indivisible Austin Weekly Conference Call

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Wednesday, March 1

All day. Call SENATORS and HOUSE REPS and ask for an investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

Michael Flynn, disgraced former national security advisor to the Trump administration, resigned after it was discovered that he illegally contacted Russian officials prior to President Trump’s inauguration. In these conversations, Flynn discussed sanctions levied by President Obama against the country due to its involvement in the 2016 presidential election and urged Russia not to overreact to the action, making clear the sanctions would come under review after the inauguration.

Through these conversations, a non-elected official, appointed by a President-elect who had yet to take office, violated the Logan Act of 1799, which prohibits unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments that the US is engaged in disputes with. Not only did Flynn act illegally, his relations with Russia continue to reveal a troubling relationship between the Trump camp and Russia.

Most troubling of all, the White House knew about Flynn’s illegal communications with Russian officials for at least two weeks and did nothing about it. Flynn resigned only after the information became public through extensive reporting from major news outlets. It is not enough that Michael Flynn has resigned. This is a matter of national security that must be fully investigated by Congress.

Read more scripts and information abut Trump’s ties to Russia

Thursday, March 2

Call SENATORS to oppose Seema Verma as head the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This critical agency manages federal health insurance programs and healthcare regulations, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Affordable Care Act. Verma holds extreme positions on healthcare that would raise insurance costs for women and cap Medicaid benefits. Ask your Senator to oppose the nomination of Seema Verma.

Friday, March 3

Call SENATORS and HOUSE REPS and ask them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Despite not having a plan for a replacement, Congressional Republicans plan to go ahead with ACA repeal, and many are pushing for a faster timeline.

Read our deep-dive on the ACA.

Saturday, March 4

Take a rest today if you’re coming to our event tomorrow. Or check our calendar for community events happening today.

Sunday, March 5

11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Indivisible Austin Citywide Gathering & Rally


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