Indivisible Austin Statement on the August 26 “Indivisible March”

A California-based group set up Facebook events for an Indivisible March in dozens of cities nationwide for August 26. While we wholeheartedly support the idea of nationwide collective action, we have decided not to participate in this particular event. Others who wish to participate are welcome to contact the organizers.

There are about 6,000 groups that follow the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide. As a decentralized movement, most of these groups have no formal affiliation with each other, or with the national Indivisible Project.

The group that organized the Indivisible March — Indivisible Suffragists — did not coordinate with Indivisible Austin or other Austin-area district groups, and this event has not been endorsed by the national Indivisible Project. Indivisible Suffragists acknowledge as much on their Facebook event page. As part of our decentralized movement, we respect this group’s autonomy to create, promote, and host resistance events, and we have no reason to think the group is acting in bad faith.

As part of the national Indivisible movement, Indivisible Austin fights to resist authoritarianism and defend our democratic institutions — and basic human rights — against the Trump administration and its allies in Washington and our state legislature. To learn more about our initiatives, such as, our progressive activist training and our ongoing efforts to pressure our elected officials to stand up for their constituents, visit

Statement by the Indivisible Austin Board about the Alexandria Shooting

The community and board of Indivisible Austin were saddened to learn about the shooting of a member of (TX 25) Representative Roger Williams’ staff in Alexandria yesterday. Indivisible supporters interact with congressional staff every day, and we deeply value and respect their work and commitment to our democratic processes.

Indivisible Austin’s Code of Civility specifically calls out the importance of treating staff with respect. Our sympathy goes out to Zach Barth and all the Members of Congress and staff who were affected by the shooting.

Local Constituents in Austin to Hold #ResistTrumpTuesday Rally to Oppose Trump’s Corrupt Cabinet and Resist Trump’s Agenda at NOON, January 24

On Tuesday, January 24, local constituents will gather outside the office of Sen. Cruz at NOON for a peaceful rally to urge Congress to stop Donald Trump’s cabinet of corruption.

The rally is one of dozens planned nationwide by Indivisible and to urge the Senate to delay Cabinet confirmations until Americans can learn more about each nominee, their ethics conflicts, and in some cases, the real threats they pose to the agencies they’ve been tapped to lead.

WHAT: Stop Trump’s Corrupt Cabinet Rally—we will rally outside of Sen. Cruz’s office and share our messages about why we oppose Trump’s Cabinet

WHERE: Senator Cruz’s Austin Office

300 E 8th
Suite 961
Austin, TX 78701

WHEN: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, NOON

VISUALS: The rally will feature excellent visuals with creative props and as many as 100 activists

On Tuesday, we’re sending a clear message to Sen. Cruz, the media, and the public that Trump’s corrupt cabinet is not what America wants or needs,” said Katie Graham, the Indivisible Austin member coordinating the rally. “They need to hear from us before confirming a Cabinet that will attack working people, civil liberties, and the environment, while benefiting the top 1% and corporations.”

The rallies build on thousands of community organizing meetings across the country that have taken place over the last several weeks. Indivisible Austin has more than 3,000 members of our citywide and congressional district groups. Every day supporters are taking action, and working hard to connect with their members of Congress, fight for progressive values at every level of government, and defend our communities from the Trump administration.

For more information about this event, please contact Katie Graham at To speak with a national representative, please contact