Join Our Weekly Conference Call

We hold a weekly conference call every Tuesday night at 8pm central. We use this call to welcome new members, coordinate efforts, and pass along vital information.

Here are the pertinent details:

Dial-in Number: 1-712-770-8067
Conference Code: 409542

T-Mobile customers: There will be a $0.01 per minute charge unless you do a WiFi call. You can call 611 to ask how to do this. Many newer cell phones can. Then the call will be free.

Agenda for All Calls

  1. Welcome to the resistance. First names only!
  2. News & Updates
  3. If there are specific things we need help with during any week, we’ll mention them:
    • Town hall meetings that congresspersons are holding.
    • Specific calls we need made.
    • Help amplifying our social media message.
    • Protests and counter-protests.
    • Volunteers to help us get & stay organized.
    • If anyone needs help with an event, bring it up!
    • If you need help setting up an Indivisible chapter  in your city/town, let us know! We can help.
  4. Q&A will take up the rest of the session.


February 21, 2017:

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January 10, 2017:

January 3, 2017: